My cool story of online dating

Hi, to every who is reading this story. Generally, I don’t prefer sharing my personal love stories and little details about my relations, though it is totally different thing. I want to describe only this acquaintance, because I know that there are lots of people who don’t believe in virtual relations. But my story is a true example of their existence.

Maybe you won’t believe, but I didn’t have a goal of finding any long-term relations. I just expected fun experience and meeting with friendly users. I thought mainly about pretty Slavic women and possible romantic relations with them. After reviewing site’s information, I understood that it was created for serious relations and all the girls on this resource were looking for them. This fact added a bit of hesitation to my mind, but I still registered my account on this dating website.

Such virtual meeting became mainstream and a couple of my close friends had used such resources before. So, new technologies made our life easier and more comfortable for both partners in the difficult process of searching for relations.

When returning to my story on findbridecomments, I can say that I started using this website simply for fun. During the process of surfing and chatting with pretty women, I changed my attitude towards such websites. I started taking it seriously, as a place where I can find a life partner or at least a girlfriend. While surfing the site I found several beautiful women with similar priorities and life goals, I wrote them.

Only one lady replied me immediately (she was online). It was Olia, I liked this woman because of lots of things. We communicated for a long period of time, but at one point she just disappeared. No replies, no messages and there weren’t any reasons for this.

Despite this strange situation, I continued searching for a girlfriend. I had couple of real dates, but nothing serious turned out. They were not my type, I thought about this first chat on the dating platform. And one day Olia wrote me, she told that she had really huge troubles and even didn’t have an opportunity to notify my. She was sorry and she wanted to continue our communication.

I was the happiest man in the world, because during her absence, I understood how important this person was for me. I felt something to this girl without even meeting her in real life. Such a feeling was so strange for me, though pleasant. And I made her a surprise, I sent her photo of my plane tickets to Ukraine.

We spent a romantic week together. It was my woman, I understood it when I saw her near the café. She was a little bit shy, but at the same time very elegant and thoughtful.

After our real meting, we continued our communication and now we are planning our holiday. We haven’t decided where we want to fly, but the best thing is that we could be together.

So, this dating website has helped me in searching for a relations when I didn’t even plan them. Can you imagine what you will get there if you are planning meaningful relations? Of course, I am joking) Don’t lose your opportunity and register your account on find-bride.