This unforgettable date after online acquaintance …

I met my beloved lady on almost a years ago, and I want to share our story with everybody who don’t believe in online dating. I was also that person, I didn’t think that online resource could really help in finding your love, I thought that all the accounts with pretty girls are fakes and such websites are just for scammers. But one day, my colleague said, he was getting married to a beautiful Ukrainian woman and they got acquainted on findbridecomments.

Definitely, with all my skepticism I could not believe him, though after their wedding and the birth of twins I thought that maybe I should try this variant. I didn’t have a girlfriend for a long time and decided why not to try this option.

This unforgettable date after online acquaintance

So, I signed on this dating website and at first just looked though the profile and photos of the ladies. As I found out they were mostly from Russia and Ukraine. After I added personal info and my pic, some users started sending me some messages. I answered some of them, but not all. One day I was reviewing profiles and found Elena, really pretty girl with all the things I wanted to find in the woman’s profile. She was from Poltava, it is in Ukraine. Frankly speaking, I didn’t think such love stories between people from different countries are possible, but they are. I didn’t regret any minute of my registration on this dating resource. First of all, I met my love there. Also, I understood that online friendship is possible and have several good friends on findbridecomments, we are still chatting though have never met each other.

When I started chatting with my love I immediately understood that she is the right girl for me. It was like a slight flirt, which grew into serious and meaningful relations for both of us. We chatted about everything and found lots of in common.

A month after our online acquaintance I had a business trip, decided to visit Ukraine, and met Elena. She was so unprepared for such a quick real meeting, that at first she even refused. I totally understood her choice and didn’t insist. Luckily, she had change her point of view and we met each other. It was such a touching moment of our first meeting. She thought about every word and move, at least it seemed to me like this. Nevertheless, at the end of our first date we felt more comfortable and relaxed.

After such a romantic and tender date, I flew back and thought about her all the time. So, now we are planning her arrival and our life together. To complete all the things with her visa, we should wait a little bit. Elena is slightly scared of new country, language, culture but I hope that everything will be ok. At least, I will do everything possible for her comfort.

This unforgettable date after online acquaintance

To conclude, I would like to thank Elena for her believe and our future relationship. And encourage everybody, to try their luck in online dating websites. Now I know that online dating resources can really help in the search on real love and happiness.