My online acquaintance with Olia…

There is a huge variety of online dating and everybody can afford such a thing. If everybody can do this, why there is still so many lonely people in the world. Personally, I have so many friends, who have troubles with communication and it is very difficult for them to contact a lonely woman. The explanation is rather evident, people are just too passive and they don’t want to change anything or try something new. So, enough about this general fact, I suppose I should start telling this story, because you probably want to know about my acquaintance.

Let’s begin, I enjoyed online chatting and that’s why I signed up on all the dating resources. First of all, women were really active, they answered all my messages and I received what I wanted – real communication with pretty girls. For three years or even more, I chatted just for fun. I had no serious intentions or plans.

One day, changed my life greatly, I met Olia on find-bride. I want to specify, because I used several resources at that time. So, at the beginning we communicated in a standard manner. All my online communications started in such a way. We shared some personal details, discussed our plans and lots of more. At one point of our communication, I understood that we are becoming more than just friends. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t describe this feeling, but it was something new for me. I missed these chats when she was offline for several days. I didn’t have any plans to meet her in reality because I had never done this before.

After almost a years of such chats, she asked me, why I wasn’t asking her about real dating. I didn’t expect such a question, because I thought that person should be sincere in everything. And if she wanted a real meeting, why then she waited for so long. I received an explanation for such a thing. Slavic women are waiting for men’s activeness in terms of relations. Of course, they may start communication but the next step usually depends on a male. This fact sounded strange for me at first, but then I understood why not all the women, whom I chatted with on dating website initiated our real meetings.

I decided why not and flew to Ukraine and I did it. We had a fantastic evening together, she was totally my type of the lady. I planned a weekly trip to Ukraine, because I had never been there. I wanted to learn something new, find out about the culture and traditions of this country; though in return I spent almost all my time with Olia, her friends and relatives. I didn’t think that could became close with somebody for such a short time period. It occurred and I am so grateful for this chance.

Then I returned home and we planned one more arrival to her place. Our first meeting was more like a spontaneous thing, while Olia wanted to plan my second arrival to the smallest details. After that arrival, I understood that couldn’t live without Olia anymore.

I can continue this story and describe everything I experienced, but it will be too boring and too long. So, the only thing which I want to mention at the end is we got married and now we are the happiest couple in the world.