Find-bride and my personal story!

I had a long story of unhappy relations and two divorces. As you’ll probably guess I was not a romantic type of a guy. I got used to the fact that women wanted money, presents and confides, but they didn’t want to give anything in return. Every relation started with nice impressions about a girl, however everything ended when I discovered the inner side of the lady. After all these break ups. I had only one desire to find a woman that will respect me and prioritize family values more than her personal. I wanted to try another role of a receiver not a giver.

Couple of my friends recommended online dating with Slavic girls because they have these family values and they are so kind and attentive. That’s why is signed up on

I didn’t want to waste my time and because of this I had chosen several candidates and immediately flew to Ukraine. I thought that online communication won’t bring me anything. While in Kyiv, I got acquainted with other ladies on the website and invited them for a date. So, I had an instance week when I had several dates with different girls in a day. Some of the women didn’t impress me at all and even the fact that they were from another cultural background didn’t impress me. Nevertheless, there were two such cool candidates and I had chosen Kate. The explanation was understandable, she didn’t bother about my financial statues. She only searched for family and marriage. Nothing more interested this girl. Moreover, she had some emotions and she liked me from the first sight. I though it is extremely important to have this interaction with your girl.

So, I flew back and decided to recollect all my emotions and calmly made up my mind. Of course, Kate wanted to hear my reaction and to have a continuation of the relations. However, I was frank with her and didn’t want to promise her something. We didn’t chat for several weeks and she calmly waited for my reaction, I didn’t get any messages from her, but I knew that she waited for my letter.

This was also a method of check of her seriousness towards our relations. Personally, I thought that it was a good variant. When I contacted her and asked for one more date, she was really happy and gladly agreed. She didn’t know that I was planning to make a proposal.

To conclude, after our second meeting she agreed on the marriage. Now, we are planning our perfect wedding. Hope this relation will be as ideal as they are right now. Kate differs so much from my other wives and girlfriends. She really values our relations, wants kids and family happiness.

Judging on my personal experience on this dating platform, I can say that it is the best possible variant to find your love quickly. Furthermore, most of the women are so motivated to build serious relations.