Privacy policy

Before the usage of any website especially with the need of registration you should at first review its privacy policy and only then decide to use this platform or not to. Every site has such kind of policy and they have lots of in common.

If a visitor starts to use a website, he/she automatically leaves his/her ID number and the location. Such data is used only for internal needs of this dating platform and it is guaranteed that it won’t be shared anywhere else. That’s why, every client can be sure in the privacy safety on

Here are some major questions about the management of the personal information:

  1. What kind of information you as a user leave on find-bride?
    We have already mentioned what kind of data is gathered automatically. A member mentions all the other things during the process of site’s usage.
    You share such things as: name, address, date of birth and email. As an additional contact information, you may leave: one more email address, phone number or any other contacts.
    Pay attention that all your profile facts and your photos are visible to the other site’s users. Of course, it isn’t shared outside this website, but site’s members can easily check all your mentioned information.
  2. What for is this data gathered?
    Every gathered info is used only for the improvement of the site’s atmosphere. And it won’t be shared with any third parties.
    ID number and your location is frequently used for the statistical monitoring of the resource and nothing more. When speaking about the contact information of the users, it is mainly used for the notification mailing. For instance, all the members who agreed on receive them, are getting letters with the latest events, innovations, changes of particular functions or some advertisements. This necessary function can be easily switched off, all you need to do is to contact “help” service.
    During any kind of emergency, you will be notified in any way and by any available contact, which you have mentioned.
  3. Are there age limitations for the users?
    Yes, there are. Users who are under 18 years aren’t permitted to use this dating platform for communication.
  4. Some info about the modification of your account
    Every member can change anything in his/her account, but if he/she wants to delete some info this may be done only via a support service assistance.
  5. About the payment procedure
    The security of all your payment transactions is relayed on a popular processor called