My real love story that occurred online.

I think that every online dating happens spontaneously and unexpectedly. No one can be sure that one registration can lead to something meaningful and real. So, that is totally our responsibility to find the needed live partner and try to build something serious.

I found my love online only because I was ready for such an important step in my life. I signed up on several dating sites four years ago, but at that time it didn’t lead to something. I have one explanation – somewhere in my mind, I wasn’t ready for this.

I met Karyna less than a year ago and it happened on find-bride. She was searching for a man with dark hair and deep brown eyes. When I read this funny description, I decided to contact her. Of course, it was a joke and I felt it immediately. Karyna is a woman with a serious life understanding and she isn’t as simple as she wanted to present herself to others.

Right from our first messages, we found lots of common ideals and life priorities. I couldn’t believe that lady had so many similar ideals as I supported. So we chatted for hours, we learned so much about each other prior our real meeting.

Right now where I am writing this story, I understood how I am thankful to this online experience and how much positive emotions it brought to my life.

I don’t want to quote every message and mention private details of our real dates, because it is too secret for me.

Our relations are now at the romantic stage, we are discussing our plans for the nearest future together. Unfortunately, we live separately and what is the worst we are at different countries. The best thing when thinking positively is that this distance makes our relations so romantic and tender.

To conclude, I would like to thank to this dating website for such a chance of finding my love.